Student Support


Only the classes are not sufficient for a student, so we provide him total support with the reference books and magazines of our library. All the leading magazines published in India for a competitive exam and the leading books also are accessible to any students at any time. A student can easily procure renowned books and magazines of competitive exams in the lower rate from its market price for our collaboration with these eminent publications. Students can choose different books of different National and International authors, famous publications to take one at home per week against his/her membership. We have a huge variant stocks of competitive exam books of different fields and subjects.

We have come through different situations, passed on vital turns for last 16 years to achieve this place. We have been made to be a great brand of success in the field of competitive exams in West Bengal. In every month, we get number of successful students appearing for different service exams from our all 8 branches. We can ensure your success only if you could provide yourself a good time for preparation and practise regulerly in a routine manner like school days and religiously follow our guidance.

It is a very easy but seriuos process which needs a high persistent and consistent effort but least intelligence or merit.

MAGAZINE CLUB : Besides these we also published a monthly Wall Current Affair and yearly magazine which is totally indigenous and more effective than any current magazine.